What We Do

Founded in 2017, Carbon Pixel is a multidisciplinary engineering firm.

Crafting engineering knowledge and experiences across the world.

Landfill 3D Modelling

We make 3D modelling to design the full lifecycle of the waste body and for an array of specific calculations which;

  • allows specific forecasts of waste capacities and material balances.
  • provides detailed information for developing a business plan and allows detailed financial budgeting in time based on the previously mentioned information.

Biogas Analysis

We analyze biogas samples in our laboratory or on-site based on consumer needs. All siloxane compounds both individual and as total siloxane ( L2, D3, L3, D4, L4, D5, L5, D6 and TMS) , NH3, CO2, CH4 and H2O can be identified in sample.

Landfill Gas Project Technical and Financial Evaluation

We investigate and determine the technical suitability of an equipment, material, product, process and system of the customer facility and we evaluate projects technically and financially.

Aerial Mapping, Inspection and Fault Detection with Drone

We have professional drone solutions simplify the collection and analysis of geospatial data, allowing professionals to make better decisions.

Climate Change

Carbon Footprint Calculation and Reporting

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory Calculation for Cities
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Organizations
  • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Calculation of Environmental Projects
  • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Calculation of Forests and Green Areas

Water Footprint Calculation and Reporting

  • Water Footprint Calculation for Organisations