CP is an engineering firm that designs, implements and operates environmental projects. CP is a full solution provider. We study challenges and design solutions; we remediate, build and operate environmental and energy projects and systems; and we monitor a wide range of environmental control systems. Our core capabilities are: landfill gas assessment, landfill 3D modelling, site remediation, renewable energy, carbon and water footprint and also regulatory compliance for authorities

As technologies continue to evolve, CP evolves. We remain at the forefront applying new processes and technologies to improve environmental compliance, reduce project risk, and provide our clients the ability to foresee and adapt business to environmental, social, economic and regulatory change. Continuous improvement, our in-the-field experience, and our deep involvement in the industries we serve help us deliver smart and simple solutions that work.

What we are making diffirent is development of what has become the default approach to landfilll gas resource assessment for landfill gas to energy project all around Turkey and Europe.

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